What is required


One of the things that I find most difficult about making art is telling people why I make what I make. I don’t have any trouble telling people why I want to make art itself, or why I want to be an artist – that’s easy. It’s just this inability to actually justify certain pieces and then in some way link them to previous or future pieces, by way of explaining just what kind of artist you are.

This is simply all geared toward (and necessary for) the common practice of writing an ‘artist statement’. Artist statements are, at the best of times, vague and clunky. This is proven even further by the mere fact that someone has created a ‘Artist Statement Generator’, a computer programme that scrambles stock phrases masquerading as profound insight into a practitioners psyche. In reality, these tend to be deeply vacuous statements that actually tell you nothing in particular about anything. This is why it is proving particularly difficult for me to assemble my work (so far) onto a website.

This is my online portfolio so to speak, my ‘self-design’. This is the artist that people will see when (if) they Google me. Therefore it must be perfect, whatever character I present here, it must be a spot-on representation of me. In truth, I have no idea why I move from creating sound works to making work about the artists’ condition, or creating false characters in an almost political and propagandatory sense, to attempt to plant or promote an idea.
Even further than that, I couldn’t tell you why all of these things are linked in my art career or what they mean to each other. I also feel as though I should be really apologetic for talking about myself for a whole paragraph. Something that I struggle with the most in life (and in art – if you are a believer that the two are synonymous) is how many times I use the words ‘I’ or ‘me’ in a sentence.

I am very aware of it and it really bothers me.

Art is, in so many ways, a selfish and self-indulgent practice and one that I understand attracts cynicism from many parties. However, it really is created and indulged in (by many people), as a way of expressing something. It is capable of being so many different things at once at once; interpreted in so many different ways to different people who are viewing it in either the context it appears in, or in their own constructed one, hinted at or encouraged by the objects around them.

In other words, this is my website on my work, I hope that you have enjoyed your visit.