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Hello, I'm Bex. I am a queer interdisciplinary maker and facilitator based in Newcastle upon Tyne. My work is about social experience, world-sharing and storytelling, usually, but not exclusively, through film. I work alongside and for a variety of communities; encouraging creative play and support individuals and groups in finding a way to tell their stories. In the past, I have worked with youth groups, elderly groups, LGBTQ groups, women's groups, refugees and children in care. 

I also facilitate creative experiences and workshops on behalf of different cultural institutions. I have worked with BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle University, Durham University, CRISIS,  Newcastle City Council and the National Trust. 


I also work in collaboration with non-binary artist and musician, Sarah Li. Together, we operate under the name Unlearn & Publish, through which we make work about 'unlearning' and provide critique on the societal constructs that we believe to be really damaging to a progressive and nurturing society. Our work takes the form of publications, letters, films, performances and community-based workshops.     

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