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Leaving is Necessary 

Previously a Primary School, the campus site affectionately known as 'Caldewgate' became the new site for the Fine Art building of the University of Cumbria (formerly Cumbria Institute of the Arts, or CIA),  in 1991. Upon hearing of its closure in 2015, former alumni, staff, lecturers, affiliated Artists and current students came together for one final exhibition of works, before the campus was demolished. 


Leaving is Necessary visually documents parts of the Caldewgate building; the architecture and the building features, as well as uncovering new histories as the process of deconstruction had already begun on the site at the time of creating this film. The imagery is woven together with a spoken word soundtrack, inspired by stories from student and staff alumni, current voices from within the building and also from conversations with a group of ladies who were students when the building was a school in the 1950's. The film eulogises the site itself but also acts as a tribute to acceptance, closure and things ending.   

The CALDEWGATE Exhibition was curated by Genevieve Kay-Gourlay. 

To view work see video below, scroll down for stills.

Leaving is Necessary, 2015

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