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my inner-most thoughts 

Layers of extant material and overheard conversations bound into a thirty page book by hand. Each page was painstakingly assembled in lead type, the text embossed into the surface of the paper with no ink, with the view that the embossing would eventually 'push' its way out of the paper and become smooth again, returning the overheard uttered words to their ephemeral state once more. The original edition was subsequently destroyed in a public performance and remade into new, blank papers (cover and all), which were then stamped with the slogan 'my inner-most thoughts'. All seven other editions were sold. Each sold edition of the book was bought in the knowledge that the buyer was purchasing the artwork in a state of flux, and must destroy it in order to complete it ('instructions for destruction' accompanied the work.)


Each edition was sold for the total of £9.77, which is the cost of the materials it took to make it, excluding the hundreds of hours of labour.   

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