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My Vision: Carey V Beecher

An enquiry into the Artist as a character and into the cultural tropes used within documentary films on Contemporary Artists. 

Carey V Beecher is an anagram of my own name, given to me (in jest) by my friend Genevieve Kay Gourlay, when we were doing our degree together. The only other option was 'Creechy Beaver' so in the circumstances, I feel like she did rather well.

I have always had this fascination with how we would represent our own character if we were the subject of a documentary, and I liked the idea of creating a character who embodies my best and worst traits as an Artist, but also the best and worst traits of many Artists or cultural institutions, highlighting the (often correctly) assumed superiority complex of the maker. The entirety of the script for this film is lifted verbatim and collaged from a variety of Artists 'shorts', but predominantly from a document entitled "Achieving Great Art for Everyone", which was released by Arts Council England in 2010 and has since been edited and revived (and is far less easy to satirise in its updated, more 'aware' state.) As a cultural artefact of a specific time, I was very interested in what that document offered by means of advice for creatives on how they needed to operate in order to obtain funding, and how cultural institutions defined 'successful'. The result was the documentary My Vision, a musing on the life and work of Carey V Beecher. 

To view work see video below, scroll down for stills and original posters made for the set. 

My Vision: Carey V Beecher, 2012

Screenshot 2021-02-19 at 19.10.01.png
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